The Bucket List Places To Find Peace And Quiet Book

Through the hurly-burly of modern life we all need a place where we can find some peace and quiet ever once in a while. For your own but of peace and quiet look no further than the Places To Find Peace And Quiet Bucket List Book. An inspiring guide book full of amazing travel destinations around the world that invite you to renew yourself physically and spiritually. Packed with delightful quiet and peaceful places that encourage you to relax, from small parks and squares too momentary breaks in New York and Paris, too to the perfect quiet of an antiquarian book dealer in London or a Buddhist temple in Tokyo. There is a place for whatever your soul requires. This book is perfect for recent graduates, soon to be retirees, inveterate daydreamers and armchair travellers, and anyone considering taking a much needed sabbatical.

This book is hardback and measures 17.5cm x 23cm x 3.5cm

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